Your friends will think you had an interior decorator come in to create this rich, warm look for your bedroom. The sheets and pillow cases are crafted from higher thread count cotton/poly blend fabric in winter blue. Matching shams cover the pillows. It's a perfect time to bring in some warmth with bed bag collections to keep you and your family comfy and toasty as the snow flies outside. Flannel bedding like this becomes softer and softer with each machine washing and will last you through many winter nights.The set includes two pillow cases and two pillow shams, and a bed skirt along with sheets and a warm comforter. This eight piece ensemble ensures you'll be warm under the warm brushed cotton flannel of the comforter, pillow cases, shams and sheets.

The bed skirt completes this machine washable bed bag idea for winter. The bed sheets are 250 thread count 100% cotton while the bed skirt is made from 100% cotton bonded to a polyester base. The radiance of shades of red blend with the elegance of shades of gold to create an ensemble which is stylish, cozy, and welcoming during the cold winter nights. The high thread count cotton/poly blend fabric of the comforter reverses to a China Wholesale Self Tapping Metal Screws Suppliers mini-print and has split corners and corded edges.

At the same time, you'll probably want to keep bright colors to ward off the winter blahs caused by shorter daylight hours and frequently cloudy days.Lawrence Homes' Twilight Chocolate Bed Bag set features a comforter and pillow shams of a warm brown with dark brown and white willow buds featured on the top.You might prefer something like the Blue Woolen Plaid Bed in a Bag Set to ensure you stay warm and toasty this winter. The word "woolen" in this case, refers to the plaid pattern which is reminiscent of old fashioned plaid wool blankets.

All items are fully machine washable for easy case. The set includes not only the usual comforter, bed linens, shams, and bed skirt, but adds 4 panels of drapery and coordinating valances to give Flat Head Screws Factory your entire bedroom the perfect look.Canyon Crest's Grand Medallion takes the bed bag ideas for winter into a full room in a bag. If you prefer, you can choose a duvet instead of the comforter in this bed bag set.Trying some of these Bed bag ideas for winter assure you will be warm and cozy during those cold nights of frost and snow.

Scientists believe that bright colors help people who become depressed during winter to feel better and more energetic, so wake up to warm, yet colorful and cheerful bedding each day.A perfect sort of bed bag to consider for those frosty winter nights might be the Rose Pattern Flannel set. Pillow cases are a nice 200 thread count cotton. A cozy comforter, made from 100% cotton and polyester fill keeps you warm. Solid denim blue sheets, pillow cases and bed skirt coordinate with the light blue in the plaid for a complete look

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